About Me

I was diagnosed with coeliac in 2008 and have since then stuck to a strict gluten free diet. Some days it is harder than others, especially when you walk past a bakery with freshly baked almond croissants (used to be my favourite) or see someone eat a slice of pizza.

My family and I have always been foodie’s and most of our holidays are centered around restaurant visits. Therefore it was important for me to not let coeliac ruin my love for food.

I am originally from Sweden so a lot of the food I make has got a Scandinavian flare to it. However, I was fortunate to move abroad at a very young age and have since lived in Europe, Middle East and Asia. You will therefore see that I try and incorporate different flavours and dishes that I have become my favourites from my adventures abroad. Currently I am very lucky to be able to call London my home for now and will use this blog to write about my restaurant experiences both in London and on holidays around the world. I will also include some new, old and some of my favourite gluten free recipes.




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