Ceru – food from the Levant in South Kensington

I moved to UAE in 1996 and spent most of my childhood there. During this time I ate a lot of Middle Eastern food mainly Lebanese and it remains one of my favourite types of cuisine. I love all of the spices, fresh flavours, and that you share all of the dishes with your dining companions.

Even though I don’t live in Dubai anymore I still enjoy eating this type of food whenever possible. I was therefore very excited when Ceru contacted me and asked if I wanted to eat at their new restaurant which had just opened up in South Kensington. They explained that the menu is 99% gf so there would be lots of options to chose from.


I visited on a Saturday for lunch and was  surprised by how busy it was. The owners explained that they had started the concept as a pop up restaurant, and once they had established a base and good menu they set up a permanent home in London, and I am very glad they have done so.


We started off with a cool and refreshing cucumber martini cocktail with some houmous and cucumber and carrots.


As it was Mezze food we ordered in several dishes to share. we shared the spice battered squid with harissa yoghurt, which was so delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had such crispy squid. This was followed by zucchini and feta fritters and karides (grilled prawns with labneh).



We then shared the lamb shoulder which is the house speciality. This had been cooked for over 5 hours, with 12 different shawarma spices and was SO delicious.



Despite being very full I couldn’t resist trying out some deserts. I went for the Taste of Baklava which was a delicious ice cream with a selection of spices on top. My boyfriend went for the spiced poached pears (I preferred my choice).



I really fell in love with restaurant. It’s in the heart of South Kensington so if you want to visit the museums then this is the perfect stop. They also have outdoor service which I will definitely be trying when the sun comes to London.

Ceru – http://www.cerurestaurants.com/

7-9 ButeStreet, South Kensington, SW7 3EY





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