Gluten Free Chinese Food

Chinese food can be very tricky to eat when you are gluten free and many people will avoid it due to the high risk of cross contamination. So what could be better than an all gluten free Chinese restaurant where you can eat all of your favourite dishes without any risk. If you have been longing for Chinese food then I have got just the place for you.

Naturally Chinese in Surbiton

Naturally Chinese can be found a short walk from Surbiton train station, so it is easy to get to from London. We visited on a Friday night and it was very busy with local people.


All Gluten Free Menu

I started off the dinner with a gluten free beer from British Bulldog.

Gluten Free Beer from British Bulldog

We decided to order a few starters as I couldn’t make up my mind. We started off with Dim Sum, Deep Fried Squid and Shredded Chicken Smoked with Beechwood (this is a must!), all very delicious and highly recommended. They even do classic aromatic duck and gyozas which I will need to try next time.

Crispy Squid
Dim Sum
Shredded Chicken Smoked with Beechwood

After ordering in too many starters we decided to share one main course, my favourite Crispy Shredded Beef with morning glory and plain rice.

Morning Glory and Crispy Shredded Beef
My Favourite – Crispy Shredded Beef

Naturally Chinese is a highly recommended restaurant for anyone who is longing for Chinese food. The staff were very attentive and had a very good understanding of gluten free diets so  you can feel confident that you won’t get sick

Gluten Free menu (click here)

Naturally Chinese: 59-63 Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 5LR


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