Beyond Bread- a gluten free heaven

It has to be every coeliac or gluten free person’s dream to find a bakery which is entirely  gluten free. Not having to ask the staff which products are gluten free, which usually results in them pointing to a coconut macaroon or a brownie in a plastic wrapper, is a dream.

If you haven’t already visited Beyond Bread on 2 Charlotte Place in London, then I suggest you make a trip as soon as you can. The founders of Beyond Bread have managed to create a whole gluten free range including quiches, ciabattas, baguettes, chocolate tarts and even Danish pastries. And the best part, its tastes so good….



As you can imagine it was very difficult to chose one, so instead I decided to go for three. I would highly recommend the Danish pastry.


Before leaving, you of course need to pick up one of their delicious baguette to take home. Now that is something you can’t resist.

2 Charlotte Pl, London W1T 1SB 


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