Rabot 1745 – Cacao heaven

Borough Market can be a very hectic place during the day and a place that many people will try and avoid. However at night it is a completely different story. Once all of the vendors close down for the day the area becomes a deserted area in the middle of London.  IMG_3438

Rabot 1745 is a West Indian inspired restaurant using cacao in every single dish, they even have white chocolate mash.


Looking at the menu it is was very clearly labelled regarding gluten free options, and happily there were a lot of tasty sounding dishes suitable for gluten free dinners.


The waiters were very friendly and explained that the cacao in the grinder was to be used as additional seasoning, like salt and pepper. There were also some cacao beans to try which has a very intense flavour.


I chose the 9 hour braised lamb with cacao gravy. The lamb was so tender and pretty much fell apart, just perfect. The dish had a rich flavour and the cacao gravy complimented it very well.


My boyfriend went for the tuna steak with cacao creole sweet potatoes. It was very succulent with a nice hint of spice from the crack raw chocolate.

IMG_3444 IMG_3445

For dessert I chose the flour-less chocolate almond cake with earl grey and cacao shell sorbet. The cake was very rich and moist so the earl grey sorbet cut through the dessert well. The sorbet went well with this cake however I would probably not want to have it on it’s own.


A great mid week dinner exploring new flavour combinations. I wish I had tried the white chocolate mash but maybe next time.


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