Gluten Free Beer Review

Oktoberfest may not be the dream occasion for a Coeliac and would be something I would normally avoid myself, however I have always loved beer and it brings back a lot of memories from travelling and sitting in the sunshine on a beach. For many years I haven’t drunk any beer as I found that generally the taste of gluten free beer wasn’t great and so I would rather avoid it.

Lately there has been a surge in gluten free beers which are available in pubs and stores. Greens have a great range of gf beers ( which I got to taste. As I didn’t really fancy going to an Oktoberfest event and drinking wine I thought I would do a beer tasting at home and bring along some of my friends who are keen beer drinkers to help me drink and review them. After all if you haven’t eaten or drunk a product in a long time it can be difficult to remember what it should taste like.


Let’s start with the look, I really like the branding of the beer and the bottle, and like the idea of having every beer name starting with G (except for one).

IMG_3335 IMG_3341 IMG_3344

Glorious Pilsner:

A crisp and clean taste akin to a very light pilsner. A friend referred to it as the perfect beer to drink on a summer’s day in the park. (4/5)


Gallant Amber Ale:

A dark and fizzy beer which resembled the taste of a Hobgoblin bitter. (3.5/5)


Gorgeous Blond Beer:

From the name I already assumed that this would be a favourite with the girls. Tasted like a weissbier (a German wheat beer). A very easy to drink beer with a fruity flavour with a hint of cardamom. The only difference from a weissbier was that it didn’t have the same foam. My favourite out of all of them (5/5).


Gutsy Dark Ale:

A very dark beer which didn’t have the same powerful flavour that you would expect. However, for someone like me who never drank dark beer when I could eat/drink gluten this was a good starting point to experiment with a darker type of beer (3/5).


Gilded Golden Ale:

A classic tasting beer. I wasn’t a massive fan of the after taste so was probably my least favourite (2/5).


Discover Premium Ale:

The darkest beer out of the range and also the strongest. A great taste with aniseed flavour. Would even recommend this to a gluten tolerant beer drinker (4/5).

Feedback from my friends was that you couldn’t taste any difference between these and normal beer. For me that is a great sign when a beer manufacturer has been able produce a gluten free beer with such great taste. I really hope that I will start seeing more of these in the pubs and maybe one year at an Oktoberfest.


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