Thoughts of a coeliac

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Most days I get comments like “can you not have this?” (whilst pointing to a cake someone has brought into the office), or “I couldn’t live without bread” or “what if you just have a small portion of it”. In the beginning comments like this used to annoy me and make me a bit upset as I felt that I was missing out on food. However, after many years of being gluten free I have gotten very used to this and don’t think about anymore. If you have been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease then it can seem pretty tough. But as soon as you starting feeling better you will realise that it is worth it.  And when you do eat gluten by mistake then you definitely remember that missing out on these things is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong some days it can be really annoying and yes I would love some tempura prawns or a fresh croissant.

In a way I was lucky as my mum was diagnosed before me so she knew a lot about what you could and couldn’t eat and this made a big difference. I remember her calling me telling me that she had been diagnosed with coeliac disease nearly ten years ago. At that time it was not common like it is today and most people didn’t have a good understanding of what gluten was and which products had to be avoided. According to 1 in 100 people in the UK suffer from coeliac with only 24% being diagnosed. As more people get treated for it we will of course see more restaurants cater for this as well as brands will hopefully continue to develop and extend their free from ranges. Over the years the free from aisle has expanded and now most things are now available in the UK at a reasonable price.

Since starting this blog I have tried more gluten free products than before and have been very pleasantly surprised by how good these taste. If you have recently been diagnosed a with coeliac disease then it isn’t the end of the world as there is a lot of advice out there to make it easier. And remember Pizza Express do gluten free pizza and beer so you are sorted!

Visit: for more information.


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