Gluten Free South Indian prawn curry at Recipease

I recently got back from an amazing holiday in Bali. Even though I was only I away for 10 days the beach, surfing, amazing sunsets, cocktails and food made it feel like I had been gone for a long time (it may also have felt like this as we spent a lot of time travelling and getting stuck due to volcanic ashes). Getting back from a holiday can always be difficult and I will admit that I suffered from major holiday blues.

We had booked to go to Jamie Oliver’s Recipease ( cooking class in Notting Hill to make the holiday blues a bit better.  Before going to the class we decided to go to Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street – if you haven’t been then it is definitely one to put on your list of pubs to visit.

Churchill Arms
Churchill ArmsIMG_2464

I had emailed Recipease before to ask which class was most suitable for a gluten free diet and was recommend a few different ones including; Taste of Tunisia, Taste of Japan, Sushi Master, South Indian Prawn Curry and North Indian Thali. I love curries however have never made on from scratch so decided to try the South Indian Prawn Curry.

Reciepease – Notting Hill

Upon arrival we received a glass of prosecco and waited until the other class was done. We were introduced to our chef Nathalie who took us through the different dishes that we were going to be making. For starter we were going to be making onion bhaji and for main course it was a prawn curry with rice.

Our chef Nathalie
Cooking station
Cooking station

We mixed up several different herbs with garlic, chili, coriander and tomato paste to make a very rich and delicious paste.

Making the curry paste
Making the curry paste

Putting the curry paste to one side we crated half an onion, carrot, lemon zest, ginger and chopped some chili and sliced half an onion. Once mixed together we added in corn flour and rolled them up into small balls.

Onion bhaji
Onion bhaji


As the bhaji didn’t have normal flour it was more difficult to make them into balls. The tip was to squeeze out the water and then roll them.

Deep fry them until they float
Deep fry them until they float
Preparing the curry
Preparing the curry

Slice up a whole onion and add to the oil. Once softened add in the paste with some water. Chop up three whole tomatoes and add in. Let it simmer for a while. Then add in some coconut milk and season to your taste.

Lastly add in the peeled and de-vained prawns and cook for 3-4 minutes. Serve with rice and chopped almonds.


Ready to eat
Ready to eat

This was a great option instead of ordering an Indian takeaway and I was impressed by how easy it was to make. It was a very fun evening and I would recommend a visit if you want to try some new and different in London.


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