Coori- Fresh Gluten Free Pasta

A few weeks ago I got some fresh gluten free pasta sent home to me to try. I have previously seen the brand Coori ( and was very interested in trying their new products. With over ten year’s experience in gluten free food I was hoping that they would be able to produce some delicious gluten free pasta. They also offer the possibility of ordering a box with different gluten free products every month which seems like a great option if you want to try new products.

Looking at their website I also noticed that one team members of Coori is  the head chef of the gluten free Italian restaurant Bruschetta in Kingston. I visited this restaurant a couple of years ago and fell love with it. They do everything gluten free (pasta, pizza, Italian dessert – everything you can imagine). If you have not been then this is a must.



Ravioli with spinach and ricotta and Tortellini with ham and cheese (spinach and ricotta were my favourite)

DSC_0253 DSC_0257

Fresh pepper pesto with olive oil and basil

The ravioli was delicious and had some great flavours. Next time I would go for a normal pesto as that is my favourite. Definitely worth a try and is a perfect quick and easy meal.


Gluten Free Biscotti to finish off the meal

As I mentioned before Bruschetta do some incredible gluten free food so it was no wonder that the pasta was just a delicious. Would definitely recommend these products from Coori especially if you are like me and miss Italian food and struggle to find suitable food.


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