Honestly the Best Burger in Town

Nothing beats a nice juicy burger with some chips. Last year it felt like burger restaurants were opening up on every street in London.

I got recommended to go to Honest Burgers a long time ago and since then it is my go to place for whenever I fancy burger and some onions rings (YES they have gluten free onion rings!).

Honest Burger at Clapham Common
Honest Burger at Clapham Common

Cleverly they have a new special each month which always makes you want to come back. All of their burgers are cooked medium, which is exactly how I want mine to be. An overdone patty just doesn’t taste good.

Menu with June's special
Menu with June’s special

I also noticed that they have got a new brunch menu. Which means that I will be coming back for another visit to try this.

New Brunch menu
New Brunch menu

£9 for a cheeseburger with a large portion of chips is a pretty unbeatable price and for people on gluten free diets this is also an ideal restaurant. You can swap the normal bun for a gf bun for £1, the chips and onion rings are also gluten free. To top everything off they also have gluten free beer.

Daura - Gluten Free beer
Daura – Gluten Free beer


Burger, chips and onion rings
Burger, chips and onion rings

The burgers are perfectly cooked and come with rosemary and salt chips. Maybe not the healthiest but very tasty,

Gluten Free Onion Rings
Gluten Free Onion Rings

They have got a few outlets spread across London so if you haven’t tried these burgers before make sure you do as I cannot recommend it enough. Just be aware that you may have to queue for a while.


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