Gluten Free Sundried Tomato Bagel

The other day I was lucky to receive a Festival themed hamper from Udi’s with some great new products. Since starting this blog I have tried more new gluten free products since I became gluten free in 2008. It has been great as I have tried so many new products from different brand’s and also realised how much the quality and offering has developed from when I first started eating gluten free.

Sun-dried tomato bagel
Sundried tomato bagel

I only started buying Udi’s products a few months ago. I have tried a few different items and have been very impressed with all of them. They have got some great products out there and what attracts me to try their products is their branding. Their packaging is very colourful and stands out from the other brands.


One of the items which I was keen to try straight away was I was their new Sundried Tomato Gluten Free bagel. I had already tried some of their other gluten free bagels so I was intrigued to see what this flavour would be like.



The bagel has got a surprisingly strong tomato flavour which does make it quite hard to combine with your usual bagel topping. However, don’t misunderstand me as it was a great flavour and makes a normal bagel a lot more interesting. At the moment I am loving avocado and will eat it with most things. So it was an obvious choice to combine the bagel with mashed avocado, onion and pepper. This was a winning flavour combination and wish I was having this for lunch today.


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