Chorizo Burgers on Gluten Free Roll

Summer is finally coming to London (or it was last weekend). So like most people we thought we would make the most of the sunshine and have a BBQ and some Rosé on the balcony.

So that we could enjoy the sunshine and wine instead of being in the kitchen, we decided to try M&S’s pre-made chorizo burgers from “The Grill” range. These are gluten free like most of their burgers and are definitely worth a try.

Chorizo Burger's from M&S
Chorizo Burger’s from M&S

Since I became gluten free in 2008 I can probably count the number of times I have had a bun with my burger on my ten fingers. It has become so normal for me to not eat the bun that it feels weird to eat a burger with bread. However, when Warburtons sent me some bread to try the other week I thought that I would try their Soft White Rolls so I could actually call it a burger.

Soft White Rolls
Soft White Rolls

The rolls were very tasty and even though they aren’t as fluffy as a normal soft white roll  they still had a great texture. What I liked about them the most was that they didn’t crumble like a lot of gluten free bread can do. In fact I was at a BBQ a few weeks ago when a friend tried some other gluten free bread to which her response was “I am so happy I can eat gluten” as the bread crumbled everywhere.

As always my test of a good gluten free product is to get my friends to eat it to see if they can tell the difference. Just like me they thought the rolls had a great taste and texture and would happily eat them again.


I can safely say that there will be many more BBQ this summer. So keep an eye out for more recipes and cocktails.


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