Gluten Free in the Sky

If you haven’t heard of Duck and Waffle by now then you must have been living under a rock. The highest restaurant in the UK, overlooking all of London, which is is probably one of the many reasons why you have to book weeks in advance even though it is open 24 hours.

I have wanted to visit for so long but for some reason I have always had to cancel as something would come up. So when it was my mum’s birthday I made sure to book this and made sure that we would end up going this time. I had booked it for the early evening as I wanted us to get a good view of London before it was dark. A few days before going I had called up to request a special table, and it definitely was worth it, they put us in the corner which meant we had a 270 degree view of London right next to the famous Gherkin.

View from the table
View from the table

The views from the restaurant are breath-taking and I could have spent hours gazing over the city. As we got our menus I asked them which dishes were gluten free and I was very pleasantly surprised that they could do the famous Duck and Waffle gluten free. We all decided to go for the signature dish, would be silly not to. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t offer any gluten free bread as the different combinations sounded very tasty.

Menu - gluten free duck and waffle is available
Menu – gluten free duck and waffle is available

I have always questioned the combination of duck, waffle and egg, and I could tell that my mum was starting to question my choice in restaurant when I suggested that we have the signature dish. But she was definitely not disappointed, and I can now understand why this is such a popular place.

Gluten Free Duck and Waffle
Gluten Free Duck and Waffle

The duck was so crispy and the gluten free waffle tasted like a normal waffle (my brother who is not gluten free couldn’t tell the difference) .

Dessert menu
Dessert menu

It would’ve been rude not to have some cake as we were celebrating a birthday, but I always find that the gluten free dessert options are very limited, and after many years of having crème brûlée and sorbet I was happy to see that they had a macaroon sandwich with pistachio and dark chocolate. The dessert was a bit too sweet for my liking so the dessert wine that was recommended with it worked very well to balance the sweetness.

Macaroon sandwich
Macaroon sandwich with a glass of Chardonnay
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!


Not a bad view from the elevator
View of London from the elevator

I would love to go back here early in the morning to watch the sunrise over London. If you are in London and looking a restaurant with spectacular views over London then this is a great spot. Make sure you book in advance and you have to try the duck with the gluten free waffle.


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