Made in Italy – Gluten Free Pasta

One of the things I miss the most with being gluten free is not being able to eat pizza and pasta out. When my mum (who is also coeliac) and I visited Italy this summer we really struggled by the end of the trip. Even though I love antipasti and salads there is only a certain amount that I can eat and by the end I was really craving some real carbs. It was one of the few times that being gluten free made me feel pretty down, I just really wanted a big plate of pasta or a crispy pizza with lots of cheese.

So the other day when she came over to visit London we decided to visit Made In Italy on King’s Road.

Made in Italy on King's Road

We were very pleased to see that they offered gluten free pasta so it was very easy to decide that we wanted to go for a pasta dish. I went for the Spaghetti Carbonara  and my mum had the pasta with Pasta with 4 fromaggi (mozarella,gorgonzola,emmenthal and parmesan).

Nothing beats pasta and a glass of Shiraz

Pasta Carbonara
Pasta Carbonara
4 Formaggi
4 Formaggi

A lot of the time when you have gluten free pasta in restaurants it is too al dente, however this was cooked perfectly. Both of the sauces were very flavoursome. The one thing I would criticise them on was the pancetta as this was too fatty for my liking. Apart from that it was a great dish. We finished the meal off with a nice cappuccino.

Coffee to finish off the meal

If you are gluten free and looking for a good pasta dish then you have to visit Made in Italy. They have also got an outdoor terrace on the roof over looking King’s Road which would be a perfect place to visit on a summer’s day especially with some Aperol Spritz.




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