Little French Restaurant in Putney

I have walked by l’Auberge in Putney many times and have always been curious to try this small family run French restaurant. The location is a bit off so when we visited it on a Thursday night it was fairly empty, which was a nice change from the busy and cramped restaurants in Central London.

The couple who own the restaurant do a great job with running the whole place and we felt welcome straight away. We started off with some aperitifs; my favourite summer drink Martini Blanc with ice. Whilst my dinner date went for a house special Kir Royale with cactus and chili (not sure if he would order it again as it had a very distinct taste).

I of course asked what dishes I could eat. Even though I have been coeliac since 2008 I still find it a bit embarrassing to ask as I don’t like people making a fuss of it. However, the owner quickly brought out a menu which told me exactly what I could have. As a pleasant surprise I could eat everything on the set menu, something which doesn’t happen often (and of course makes my decision so much harder with all the choices).

For starter I went  for the Home-made duck and pistachio terrine with onion marmalade. Thereon, pork shoulder and prune casserole with wild rice and vegetables. To finish off this great French meal I had Home-made ice cream (chocolate and ginger).  Food was simple but very flavoursome, and I would definitely recommend the pork shoulder as it was very tender. The owner recommended a great red wine which went well with the terrine and pork. My only disappointment was that none of the la carte desserts were gluten free as this is what they specialise in.

We had a great evening and ended up chatting to the owners for a long time. If you are looking for a small and simple restaurant with tasty home-cooked French food then you will not be disappointed (especially as it is £18 for 3 courses).

Bon appetit



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