Welcome to Gluten Free LDN

Roughly a year ago I started my Instagram account (glutenfree_london), there were many reasons why I started this, mainly I wanted push myself more in the kitchen. By sharing pictures and recipes it has made me more adventurous in the kitchen and pushed me to try new things which I otherwise wouldn’t have tried.

The one thing I struggled with when becoming gluten free was how to eat the dishes I usually loved. But I quickly realised (with the help of my mum who is also coeliac) that it was very easy to substitute gluten containing ingredients to gluten free. Of course sometimes it will all go wrong! We all know that baking with gluten free flour can be very difficult and I will admit that there have been lots of swear words in the kitchen.

If you have followed me on Instagram you will also see that I love trying new restaurants both in London and other cities. Nowadays it is easy to glutenfree dishes and more restaurants have been accommodating and understanding. However, I have got some very confused looks a few years ago when asking about if dished included gluten (I once asked if the dish had gluten in it and the waiter looked very confused and replied glue?!). So if anyone has got any tips of new restaurant with great gluten free dishes please let me know.

In this blog I intent to share more detail of my gluten free journey, gluten free dishes, recipes, restaurant reviews and of course other fun things to do in London.



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