Ceru – food from the Levant in South Kensington

I moved to UAE in 1996 and spent most of my childhood there. During this time I ate a lot of Middle Eastern food mainly Lebanese and it remains one of my favourite types of cuisine. I love all of the spices, fresh flavours, and that you share all of the dishes with your dining companions.

Even though I don’t live in Dubai anymore I still enjoy eating this type of food whenever possible. I was therefore very excited when Ceru contacted me and asked if I wanted to eat at their new restaurant which had just opened up in South Kensington. They explained that the menu is 99% gf so there would be lots of options to chose from.


I visited on a Saturday for lunch and was  surprised by how busy it was. The owners explained that they had started the concept as a pop up restaurant, and once they had established a base and good menu they set up a permanent home in London, and I am very glad they have done so.


We started off with a cool and refreshing cucumber martini cocktail with some houmous and cucumber and carrots.


As it was Mezze food we ordered in several dishes to share. we shared the spice battered squid with harissa yoghurt, which was so delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had such crispy squid. This was followed by zucchini and feta fritters and karides (grilled prawns with labneh).



We then shared the lamb shoulder which is the house speciality. This had been cooked for over 5 hours, with 12 different shawarma spices and was SO delicious.



Despite being very full I couldn’t resist trying out some deserts. I went for the Taste of Baklava which was a delicious ice cream with a selection of spices on top. My boyfriend went for the spiced poached pears (I preferred my choice).



I really fell in love with restaurant. It’s in the heart of South Kensington so if you want to visit the museums then this is the perfect stop. They also have outdoor service which I will definitely be trying when the sun comes to London.

Ceru – http://www.cerurestaurants.com/

7-9 ButeStreet, South Kensington, SW7 3EY




Bella Italia – Gluten Free Italian

Who knew that you could enjoy a meal at an Italian restaurant with pizza and pasta and not just a salad or risotto. I haven’t been to Bella Italia in many years and I was very surprised by the amount of dishes that they could do gluten free or that were naturally gluten free. (MENU)

Kingston Riverside


I visited the Kingston branch which opened up a few months ago. It is just by the river so when it is a bit warmer you can sit outside and enjoy the river and sunshine (what has happened to the summer) and maybe pretend like you are in Italy.


We shared the Caramelised onion chutney, mozzarella and garlic butter pizza bread. It was a bit on the oily side, but a great starter to share between the four of us.


For the main I couldn’t resist my favourite – Pasta Bolognese. This is the one dish I can eat over and over again and for a chain restaurant it was tasty dish.



If I had known that Bella Italia did such good gluten free options for gf diners then I would have visited a long time ago.


Gluten Free Chinese Food

Chinese food can be very tricky to eat when you are gluten free and many people will avoid it due to the high risk of cross contamination. So what could be better than an all gluten free Chinese restaurant where you can eat all of your favourite dishes without any risk. If you have been longing for Chinese food then I have got just the place for you.

Naturally Chinese in Surbiton

Naturally Chinese can be found a short walk from Surbiton train station, so it is easy to get to from London. We visited on a Friday night and it was very busy with local people.


All Gluten Free Menu

I started off the dinner with a gluten free beer from British Bulldog.

Gluten Free Beer from British Bulldog

We decided to order a few starters as I couldn’t make up my mind. We started off with Dim Sum, Deep Fried Squid and Shredded Chicken Smoked with Beechwood (this is a must!), all very delicious and highly recommended. They even do classic aromatic duck and gyozas which I will need to try next time.

Crispy Squid
Dim Sum
Shredded Chicken Smoked with Beechwood

After ordering in too many starters we decided to share one main course, my favourite Crispy Shredded Beef with morning glory and plain rice.

Morning Glory and Crispy Shredded Beef
My Favourite – Crispy Shredded Beef

Naturally Chinese is a highly recommended restaurant for anyone who is longing for Chinese food. The staff were very attentive and had a very good understanding of gluten free diets so  you can feel confident that you won’t get sick

Gluten Free menu (click here)

Naturally Chinese: 59-63 Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 5LR

Gluten Free Pizza Express

I love pizza… It is just a dish that I can eat over and over again and never get tired of it. Of course being gluten free this can sometimes be a bit tricky and therefor I end up going to visit Pizza Express.

They offer an extensive gluten free menu which now includes gluten free dough balls. It isn’t the best pizza I have eve had but for £10 for two courses it is perfectly fine and I always leave very satisfied.


They have recently introduced some gluten free dough balls so of course I had to try these. I was a big disappointed that they had significantly reduced the number of dough balls but they still tasted good. Especially if you dipped them in the pesto and olive oil from the mozzarella starter.

Gluten Free Dough Balls
Reine Gluten Free pizza

A traditional Reine pizza with mushrooms, ham and olives. Not sure why it looks so messy but tasted very good.

Limencello Dessert

The Limoncello dessert has become a favourite of mine. After a heavy pizza this is a light and refreshing dessert which brings back memories of holidays in Italy.


Pizza Express gluten free range: https://www.pizzaexpress.com/our-food/gluten-free-range 

Gluten Free Pasta Bake

Sometimes I will get such a craving for pasta and it is the only thing I want to eat and can think about.Last night was one of those nights and fortunately for me my boyfriend makes a great pasta bake.

I visited Valentian Fine Foods last week and found a great gluten free selection so decided to buy some Rigatoni – perfect for a pasta bake.

Gluten Free range from Rummo

In the pasta bake was gluten free sausages, chestnut mushrooms and tomato topped with ricotta and parmesan.


Pasta bake with chestnut mushrooms, sausage and ricotta

The pasta tasted really nice and had a nice texture and didn’t stick together like some gf pasta does. I will definitely be buying more of this and try some of the other types. If you haven’t already tried then I highly recommend giving it a go as I

Rummo: http://www.pastarummo.it/en/rummo-diary/item/2774-rummo-gluten-free-a-great-pasta-for-everyone



Gluten Free Japanese in Chelsea

A lot of coeliacs and gluten free diners struggle with eating Asian food due to soya sauce being used in most dishes. Kurubuto on King’s Road (http://www.kurobuta-london.com/) are able to cater very easily for coeliacs and also have gluten free soya sauce (yay!) and a special gluten free menu.

Gluten Free Menu


Just ask the staff to bring you the gluten free menu and start ordering the delicious dishes. Make sure you try as many as possible as I promise you won’t be disappointed, assuming that you like Japanese food obviously.


Beef Fillet Tataki with Garlic Crisps (and gluten free soya sauce)


Salmon Gravadlax and Avocado Tartar with Dill Mayo, Rich Crunchies and Fresh Yuzu Zest


Gravad Lax and Avocado Maki and Dill Mayo

They have added gluten free rice crunchies on the maki and tartar which gives a nice texture similar to tempura.

Sashimi Platter
Sweet Potato Fries, Flamed Edamame and Beef Fillet Tataki

I have been back since and they have now changed the ingredients of the sweet potato fries which means that unfortunately the fries are no longer gluten free. However the flamed edamame with sake, lemon, butter and maldon salt are very moreish so I highly recommend ordering a couple of these.

Kurobuta has got a few restaurants in London and the one in Marble Arch does a boozy brunch on the weekend with live music (and lots of drinks). The staff were incredibly accommodating to gluten free diners and atmosphere was great, might do another post on this soon.

Kurobuta Chelsea – 312 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UH

Sunday Brunch

You may have already gathered that I have developed a small obsession with Manna Dew. It may be because it is walking distance from my flat, that everything is gluten free or that everything taste so delicious. It has without a doubt become my go to place for coffee and cake or brunch.

Last Sunday we decided to take a walk to Manna Dew and enjoy a delicious brunch in the sunshine and  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

The ideal brunch spot


I ordered in the french Toast whilst my boyfriend had the Salmon Bloomer (smoked salmon, avocado, scrambled eggs on tasted foccacia). Despite mine being delicious  I had major food envy and ended up eating half of his. Why does someone else’s food always taste so much better?

French Toast
Salmon Bloomer


I bought the carrot cake to take home to enjoy in the sunshine.

Carrot Cake


A perfect Sunday and I will most likely be back at Manna Dew very soon.


Manna Dew (http://mannadew.co.uk/)

169 Battersea High St, SW11 3JS, Wandsworth SW11 3JS



Gluten Free Artisan Bakery

What do you miss the most about not being able to eat gluten? For me one of the things I miss is not being able to indulge in delicious cakes and fresh sandwiches when I am out. Luckily Manna Dew has opened up there doors and it is conveniently located very close to my house.


Manna Dew opened (http://mannadew.co.uk/) up a few months ago in Battersea (169 Battersea High St, SW11 3JS) and is an all gluten free artisan bakery offering beautiful patisserie, fresh bread, breakfast and much more. Basically a gluten free heaven…



If you don’t have time to eat in then you can always pop by to pick up some freshly baked gluten free baguette or focaccia.



I previously got to taste their artisan patisserie (click for review)  before they had opened up the shop and as soon as they were open I had to visit them to try out their lunch options and indulge in some cake.


For starters I shared Camembert bites with berry compote. Of course this was a winning starter as who doesn’t love deep fried melted cheese?


Manna Dew produce everything themselves onsite so you can be sure that it is all free from gluten with no cross contamination. We went for two different fillings beef jalapeño and pulled chicken (the beef was definitely my favourite as the chicken was a bit dry).


The pulled chicken with rocket in freshly baked focaccia. Even though the bread was a bit dense it had a nice crunchy finish to it and for just £4.95 it is very good value for money.


Even though we were way too full I just couldn’t resist having the salted chocolate cake. This is dessert is just too tasty to not order in, especially with a nice flat white.

Manna Dew is a very unique and great place so it is no surprise that it busy with a continuous stream of visitors eating in and ordering items to go. Will need to come back to try their breakfast menu very soon as I love a good french toast.





Beyond Bread- a gluten free heaven

It has to be every coeliac or gluten free person’s dream to find a bakery which is entirely  gluten free. Not having to ask the staff which products are gluten free, which usually results in them pointing to a coconut macaroon or a brownie in a plastic wrapper, is a dream.

If you haven’t already visited Beyond Bread on 2 Charlotte Place in London, then I suggest you make a trip as soon as you can. The founders of Beyond Bread have managed to create a whole gluten free range including quiches, ciabattas, baguettes, chocolate tarts and even Danish pastries. And the best part, its tastes so good….



As you can imagine it was very difficult to chose one, so instead I decided to go for three. I would highly recommend the Danish pastry.


Before leaving, you of course need to pick up one of their delicious baguette to take home. Now that is something you can’t resist.

2 Charlotte Pl, London W1T 1SB


“Mommi knows best”

The 18th of January (“Blue Monday”) is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so why not brighten up the mood by trying a new restaurant, which also happens to be mostly gluten free. To me that sounds like a great idea.

“Mommi” opened up in July 2015 but this was my first visit. The food is a fusion between Japanese and Latin American and grouped into four main categories; Get Started, Raw Bar, Robata Grill and Hot Kitchen.


Their concept is based on sharing plates and they recommend 3 dishes per person. We decided to opt for the set menu which is £12.00 all day on Monday and available between 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Tuesday to Sunday.

The menu is very clearly labelled, with each dish clearly noted as gf, and with most dishes actually being gluten free. The only compromise required was to put the Teriyaki sauce for the grilled chicken on the side.


Get Started – Padron Peppers, Sea Salt and Crispy Peruvian Corn Cancha, Smoked Paprika. I am a massive fan of padrons so these went down a treat whilst I thought the corn could have been a bit crunchier.


Raw– Tuna Chirashi Sushi, Ginger, Kampyo &Sesame, Kizami Nori, Aji Amarillo Crème Fraiche and  Salmon, Sweet Potato, Orange & Red Onion Ceviche, Lime & Coriander.

The salmon was my favourite dish out of the whole set menu, it had a nice tangy flavour but not too bitter or overpowering. The tuna was also was also delicious with a crème fraiche sauce and looked like a piece of art.


Robata Mushroom, Corn Causa, Burnt Yuzu Dressing and Teriyaki Chicken, Quinoa Lime Picante, Sesame & Lemon Zest Courgette.

I have never really been a massive fan of qunioa, but teriyaki chicken with quinoa was a healthy option and I will definitely be attempting to recreate this as home.


Hot Kitchen Crispy Pork Bites, Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Green Habanero Ponzu and Cassava Fries, Coriander & Huacatay Crème Fraîche. 

The pork was unfortunately a bit dry but still some very nice flavour to it. The cassava fries were an interesting and healthier alternative to regular fries.

The set menu was put together well and it meant you got to try everything from each of the four categories, and considering the portion sizes I was also very surprised that it was only £12. My only disappointment was that they didn’t have many gluten free desserts. I was really hoping that they had been able to pull together some gluten free churros or something…maybe in the future.


During January they have got some great offers on including 40% off food on some days. If you are around Clapham High Street and want a healthier alternative to all of the burger joints make sure you pay them a visit and try some pisco sours when you are there.
Mommi – 44-48 Clapham High St, London SW4 7UR